Austin Coding Academy
October 03, 2018
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Austin Coding Academy is partnering with Lyft, one of Austin’s most popular ride-sharing apps, in an effort to make its classes more accessible to the same drivers who make our city more accessible to all.

“Everybody deserves access to a technical education and an opportunity to benefit from Austin’s booming tech industry,” says Austin Coding Academy CEO, Chris Lofton. “We’re excited to partner with Lyft to provide their drivers with this opportunity.”

Austin Coding Academy (ACA) will provide a discount to all current Lyft drivers who are interested in launching a career in technology. Currently, ACA offers tracks in Javascript, C#/.NET, and UI/UX and each track consists of three courses. Lyft drivers will be eligible for $225 off a single course or $675 off the total track.

By tapping into a growing, but at times exclusive, tech scene, ACA is constantly looking for opportunities to foster inclusivity and diversity in tech through key program features such as:

  • Part-time courses aimed at allowing working adults to continue to support themselves while making a meaningful career change
  • The most affordable full stack web development tuition in Austin
  • A curriculum that is researched, designed, and taught by local, full-time industry professionals

Improving accessibility to drivers who have already demonstrated a commitment to using their spare time to better support themselves represents another step towards promoting diversity of experience and identity – and one that has already seen success.

Sean Philippi has excelled as a student at ACA, where he’s on track to graduate as a full-stack Javascript developer in December of this year. As a Lyft driver and now an ACA student, Sean embodies the extra level of commitment necessary to thrive in a challenging environment.


“I find the courses to be well-paced and challenging. I am very grateful for having discovered ACA.”

- Sean Philippi, Lyft driver & ACA student

“When self-teaching in the past, I’d often give up after being stuck for so long. I still get stuck now, but I have people that can help me get unstuck quickly, which is one of the most valuable parts of being in a classroom,” Sean says. “I find the courses to be well-paced and challenging. I am very grateful for having discovered ACA.”

ACA is excited to provide Lyft drivers with the opportunity to develop skills and transition to higher-paying tech jobs. With part-time evening courses and the most affordable full-stack coding education in the area, Austin Coding Academy is committed to increasing local access to careers in tech. ACA graduates work at companies like Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Verizon and many Austin Startups.


If you are a current Lyft driver who is interested in enrolling in classes at Austin Coding Academy, you can find more information about course offerings here. To apply, click below and enter the promo code “LyftDriverATX” in the appropriate field within the application.*

If you have any questions that you would like answered, you can schedule a short Q&A with our admissions team, or book a tour of either our North or Downtown Campus.

*Further verification of your status as a Lyft driver will be requested after your application is accepted.