February 14, 2020
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JavaScript (JS) is the most commonly-used coding language for developers in 2020. JS earned its popularity because it’s easy to learn, dynamically typed, fast to run, and works across most platforms, including all modern web browsers. Coders from all different specialties will need a basic understanding of JavaScript to complete most designs—especially front-end designs.

Let’s look at some impressive projects that might inspire you to want to start learning JavaScript now:

Smart technology and talking plants

Smart technology has the potential to improve our healthcare, revolutionize our workplaces, and customize our homes. As this trend in smart tech progresses, we may find ourselves living in a sci-fi utopia.

One appealing smart-tech project uses JavaScript code to create smart plants. Smart plants use sensors to detect soil moisture, temperature, and other factors important for plant health. Advanced voice recognition software and text-to-voice capability makes it easy to interact with smart plants and simplifies the plant maintenance process.

Smart technology is an emerging field that will soon change our lives. Learning JavaScript could provide you with the skill set necessary to land a job in this new and exciting industry.

Drones that fly themselves

Drones aren’t just fun; they’re useful, with applications in aerial photography, package deliveries, safety inspections, and even humanitarian efforts.

Using JavaScript, it’s possible to build self-driving drones. Lines of JS code can command drones to auto-hover, perform barrel rolls, and run into red objects like a matador would do with a bull.

At events like Drone Games and Nodecopter, programmers use software to see who can make the coolest drone. They often reuse open-source code snippets to program features like voice to text, face recognition, and advanced directional 3D movement.

While these projects are fun, they can also help you land a job. The drone job market will grow faster than predicted, and some universities even offer degrees in drone technology. Industries that will use drones include the military, real estate, construction, filmmaking, and even insurance.

Learn more about what it takes to get into the drone industry by reading this article.

Mobile apps that dominate industries

Many apps use the JS react native framework, but the Facebook ads app is a particularly shining example. Facebook uses JS to calculate complex variables like ad formats, time zones, dates, and currencies. Many of these features are accessible through an open-source JavaScript code. The react native framework is also perfect for creating an integrated user interface.

When tech giants like Facebook use JS, it shows that the language is not limited to small app projects. In fact, JavaScript has key advantages that make it perfect for projects of any size. Learning JS can help developers build projects at any scale—big or small.

Websites to inspire action

Website design skills are growing in demand. Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to drive traffic to their website. Designers who can convert that traffic into paying customers are especially competitive in the job market.

JavaScript is the perfect tool for building stunning websites. The code is fast, and object manipulation makes it possible to create amazing interactive designs.

Learning JavaScript will prepare you for a lucrative career, but you don’t have to wait until after graduation to get started. Working on side projects is a great way to hone your skills and build up your developer’s portfolio.

Here are some amazing websites to inspire your next web-design project:

  • Window Wonderland: This website puts you right in the middle of New York City’s holiday shopping experience.
  • Cavalier Challenge: This online game immerses you in a experience right from the get-go.
  • Air View: Air View is an innovative way to visualize abstract air quality data to make it feel “real.”
  • Key Ideas: Key Ideas is a film-production agency that uses their website to showcase their unique skills and services.

Start learning JavaScript today

These projects highlight why JavaScript is such a desirable skill to have. JavaScript developers get to work on fun tasks while earning a great salary.

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