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In this class you will learn how the internet works and build your own web pages. You will delve into HTML and CSS, and by the end of the class you will be proficient in responsive web design. You will create your own web pages that look good on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones and will be capable of building professional quality websites.
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In this class you will be diving into the world of object oriented programming. You'll be building a new app every week and learning how to build and maintain the technology that powers modern day applications. Depending on your campus, you'll be learning in either JavaScript or C# and will be building a new app every week.
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In this class, you will put all that you've learned together to become a full stack programmer. You will use front end and back end frameworks like React and Node.js or .NET. You will create a restful API, learn authentication, and perform API consumption. You will leave this class with your own app uploaded to Heroku.
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April 17th, 2017

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Time Commitment

Class Time
You will be in class two nights a week, either M/W or T/TH from 6:30-9:00pm. Our classes are light on lecture, and heavy on building in small groups or with paired programming.

About 5 Hours Week

Homework and Projects
To get the best experience possible, students put in a little more than an hour a day outside of class working on projects that will be hosted on your Github account (your future resume).

About 10 Hours Week

Job Readiness
One of our five key areas is job readiness. Most of our students are either looking for a career switch or advancement. We can’t just learn to code and then wing the interview. It takes prep and practice.

About 2 Hours Week


After our student outcomes, our low tuition is a point of pride for us. How do we keep prices so low? We partner with co-working spaces that have conference rooms that go unused in the evenings and we work with teachers who are developers focused on giving back to the future generation of developers. Keeping tuition low is a major part of accessibility.

per level
10 weeks

all three levels
9 months

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