Advanced Grading Policy

  • 1-2 graded assignments per week
  • 2-3 checkpoint assignments per semeseter
  • All assigned projects have a due date that is displayed on campus manager.
  • Assignments are submitted by pushing code to you github repo, doing a pull request and then submitting the link to that pull request
  • Make sure to add the link to the pull request of the homework.
  • Some assignments have a point system so that you explicitly know how it will be graded, otherwise I will make github comments to tell you why you lost points.
  • Do not worry if the grade is not what you think it should be. Sometimes mistakes are made. Just bring it up to your instructor in person or on rocket chat.
  • Do not copy other peoples code.
  • Grading is not strict, you may turn it in at any point during the semester.
  • If anything, focus on the checkpoints as they are a majority of your grade.