Anyone know what S.P.L.A.T means?


What is S.P.L.A.T? I’ve heard this but it sounds funny.

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Yo, S.P.L.A.T. is an acronym for our new style of passing on knowledge in our ACA family!

If you have a questions or you’re stuck or you need help solving something:
SEARCH for the question on Hack Overflow

…if you don’t find what you’re asking for:

POST the question on Hack Overflow. Make sure you write clearly and add tags, links, screenshots and in-line code and code blocks using three back-ticks.

LINK your new topic in a message on RocketChat! This way people can answer the question, share it with the school and then you and everyone else can find it faster.

ASK After you’ve asked on RocketChat, ask your instructor to answer it on HackOverflow.

TEACH this is the most important part. Now that you spent time looking for things you can pass it forward to others and grow your community, network and support.

Life is about being good to yourself and others around. Caring for people and having others care for you. Let’s come together, share knowledge, help each other out, enjoy a life together and grow together!!

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing what you know. It always comes back around!


That is a good attitude that I need to remember throughout this scary journey . Thanks.

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