BEST Terminal/Console for PC Users. 1 console 4 all. CMDER


I have a Windows PC, and I admit it is not an out-of-the-box programmer friendly piece of hardware as Mac is. But for the price, how can one complain? In fact, until the Intermediate course I had none. In Intro, I had to download GitBASH and Sublime. But the GIT terminal and my Text Editor were the only software I needed and even used.

Fast forward to Intermediate. Currently, I have to run PowerShell to run Javascripting, GitBASH for GIT, and my Text Editor. Also ,in downloading Node.js, I now have a Node terminal installed on my PC. OVER-FREAKING-KILL! With CMDER one can download your Text Editor into CMDER and edit code while running tests through one program!

In class Stu showed me the program named ConEmu, a terminal which solved a lot of these issues. (has GIT, UNIX, and Node commands installed as one neat package.) I did some more research and found a ConEmu fork that is injected with steroids, in what is known as CMDER. It’s prettier, quick, customizable and seamless to use. One download and you have everything you need for class in one console terminal. For PC Users it is the closest thing to what i assume iTerm is like on Mac. Here is a video of the benefits and tricks with is and a link to Download. - Youtube Vid


I’ve heard a lot of great things about CMDER. I highly recommend playing with different terminals, as the default ones on Windows and Git Bash are a little lacking.

Some other ones I know of are:

  • Bash on Ubuntu for Windows but it is still in Beta and is probably not as polished as CMDER nor have the community on Stack Overflow.

  • Hyper is a terminal emulator built totally in HTML, CSS, JS, meaning it is fully customizable and cross-platform!

  • And there are also other text editors like Visual Studio Code that have a built-in terminal, so you never have to leave your editor!