Bootstrap_3 vs. Bootstrap_4 navbar changes


I may be the last one to figure this out, but they have completely revamped the classes and code structure for navbar on Bootstrap_4. All of our HW reading was for Bootstrap_3, and …as for me, this has been causing me to pull my hair out. Examples online from 3rd party sites for this seem to also be outdated (assuming this means Bootstrap_4 is making changes after people have posted their examples).


Sorry about that @gdevany, that does currently seem to be the case. Please feel free to share anything that you’ve learned and examples!


@stackbaxter Just posted a couple of links that discuss it. Here’s another good one:

It discusses the removal of ‘navbar-toggle’ and replaces it with ‘navbar-toggler’ (uni-code character) (a Chinese glyph trigram for Heaven) . They removed the <span>icon-bar</span>. You can’t modify styling of it, but don’t fear, he explains a verbose way to correct it.


Great info on newest version of Bootstrap (4 alpha 6):

Even if you’re not familiar enough with Bootstrap 3 to know the changes to 4, this is still really good reading to understand Bootstrap.