Command Line Setup & Customization


Manny’s excellent post reminded me of a general recommendation I have regarding familiarizing oneself with the command line:

Take the time to customize your terminal!

For one thing, the default black-and-white prompt that comes with is pretty stark. And since your prompt is formatted the same way as all the rest of the text appearing in the terminal, you’ll find that it gets lost in a sea of errors / returns pretty quickly. This makes debugging feel much more tedious.

Besides, you’re going to be spending more and more time in the CLI from here on out. Might as well make it into something you like looking at!

You can get up and running with a much better terminal experience in less than 15 minutes:

1: install iTerm2
2: install oh-my-zsh
(copy and paste the code on the webpage into your terminal, then hit enter)
–> or install prezto, another zsh framework. I personally prefer prezto, but the installation is a little more involved than oh-my-zsh.

iTerm has some good color schemes right out of the box. Also highly recommend you enable Preferences > Keys > Use systemwide hotkey. Then you can open your terminal by simply hitting Alt+Space at any time.

Windows users might check out Cygwin - I used it a bit when I was still on Windows 10 and thought it was pretty cool.

Give it a shot! I promise you won’t regret it :sunglasses:

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