FP / Math Resources for Programmers


Programming makes Math fun again, Math makes Programming…less sucky

If you need to brush up on the essentials, khan academy is an excellent resource. I myself never advanced beyond High School Algebra 2, and find KA to be really beneficial.

Jeremy Kun is a smart guy with an awesome blog about Math for Programmers. check out his Medium posts as well - he’s got some really refreshing ideas about Mathematics.

I’ve been trying divest myself more seriously in Functional Programming - which has led me to try picking up bits of Math and Category Theory here and there. CT seems pretty unapproachable at first, but there are some that do a great job of breaking it down:

MIT Open CourseWare has an entire semester of their freshman seminar course Mathematics for Computer Science available for free. It’s taught really well and provides a useful introductory resource to the fundamentals you already use every day (e.g. Booleans via Formal Logic), as well as some concepts you’ll see in FP.

Philip Wadler gave a brilliant lecture last fall at Lambda Conf - he’s an old school FP / Category Theory scholar who has managed to remain friendly and approachable despite his formidable erudition. The introduction itself is a really great approach to learning in general. Even if you don’t watch the Category Theory stuff, the intro is absolutely worth checking out.

KnowThen has an awesome free lecture series about Elm, an elegant, accessible functional language that compiles down to JavaScript. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Of course for JS there’s always Professor Frisby - Egghead.io also has a free companion series that’s worth checking out.

Let me know if you guys have anything you want to share!