How do I word a proper Google Search?


Example question: “Explain what ARIA and screenreaders are, and how to make a website accessible.”

In order to break this down into a Google search that will give us the best results, we first want to start with the basics. The two topics we need to know about are “ARIA” and “screenreaders”

Navigate to

In the search bar, type “What is ARIA” - without quotation marks.

The first several links on the first page should answer the question thoroughly enough to have a basic understanding of what ARIA is.

For your second search, Google “What are screenreaders” - without quotation marks.

Google edits this search to “What are screen readers” and the first three links on this search thoroughly answer the question.

Now that you have a basic understanding of ARIA and screen readers, we might be able to go on to explain how they make a website accessible as well - since that is their basic functionality.


Tip 1: Start with the basics

Don’t make your searches too long or complex. Keep them simple and without punctuation.

Tip 2: Choose words carefully

If you’re using a word in your search that may mean more than one thing - which is common when searching programming terms - see if you can think of another qualifying word to use to specify that you’re searching for a coding-specific definition, not a general definition.

Tip 3: Don’t worry about the little things

Punctuation and capitalization are unnecessary in a Google search. Google is helpful with spelling hints, so you don’t have to be perfect with your spelling either!

Check out this site to learn about how to refine Google searches with symbols