Question about viewing hosted resume on GitHub


Hello just wanted to get a confirmation on something. In our class we have pushed our resume as index.html from our local computers up to GitHub. Right now the resume is on our forked copy of the web-workbook in a branch (for me the branch is called ‘resume’). I have created a pull request and am awaiting my pull request to be merged into my gh-pages branch by my instructor. So what I am wanting to make sure of is, we are not able to see our hosted resume at [] on GitHub until the resume has been merged to the gh-pages branch correct? I did some research and it sounds like this is true, just wanted to make sure. Thanks.


Hey! I actually had asked this question toward the end of class because I wanted to make sure mine uploaded correctly. Not sure if you remember or not but it totally uploaded my page all wrong since I didn’t have my CSS properly linked (which is why I wanted to know if it was possible to do this.)

You would go to the web-workbook that you forked and change the branch to resume (drop down underneath the number of commits), click on 01week, resume, index.html. Once you are on your index (you can see your code here) in the address bar change the “” to “rawgit” and delete the “/blob” from the address bar too. This should launch into the live version of your site. It should be .

It took me a little bit of practice to remember where to go but since I figured it out I figured I’d share. :slight_smile:


Hey Laura - thanks for taking the time to respond. Somehow I must have missed this being talked about in class. I actually watched the recorded class and saw exactly what you are talking about - and it works great. So, thanks again :slight_smile:


You can also use in a pinch.