Resource to land freelancing gigs


This was an email I sent to promote Check it out!

ACA has a partnership with a service called Code For Cash out of NYC, created by freelancers for freelancers to help you land gigs, large and small, from one-offs all the way to careers. Seriously, this is legit.

If you’ve never considered freelancing while taking classes with us for whatever reason (I don’t know how! I don’t have the skills! I have too much work already!), here’s a few big reasons why you should:

  • Freelancing is real-world experience to show potential employers.
  • It can be deliciously lucrative. In the past, we’ve had at least one student pay for her education with us through freelancing before she graduated.
  • It will give you confidence that you can actually be paid for these new skills you’re learning. Get rid of that imposter syndrome!
  • You can set the timeline with your customers. Need a month? Two? They’ll tell you if they need it sooner and you don’t have to take the job!

CodeFor.Cash is a service that does several things for you:
Their bots crawl the job posting sites like Craigslist, StackOverflow, Reddit, Kijiji, and dozens of others.

  • You join a slack channel that sends you direct messages when gigs or jobs become available. You can customize what types of gigs you’re alerted to.
  • Keep track of the leads that interest you using their CRM.
  • Learn best practices for freelancing with their online training. It is a learning system with 70+ modules, quizzes and graded assignments to show you how your progress is going.
  • Use their templates for contracts and invoices.

The service is a monthly fee for access to all the stuff mentioned above. For the average walk-in user, it’s set at $39.95/mo. After speaking with the founder, he’s agreed to allow ACA students and grads to sign up for $12/mo, without any contracts. That’s like, Netflix low, and to help you raise your income!

Here’s how:

  • Go to and put in your payment info and email address.
  • Zach Burt will help you get set up on the slack channel and your profile.
  • He promises your money back if you consume the learning system and don’t find success.