New Student Referrals

Earn $250 each for you and a friend when they become a student of Austin Coding Academy

Students at Austin Coding Academy come from all walks of life, but they each share one common trait; every ACA student is committed to learning and improving, whether they’re hoping to launch a more rewarding career, adding a new skill to their repertoire, or transforming a great idea into a new company. After our students complete ACA and witness first-hand the transformative nature of our school, they’re so often shouting our praises from the rooftop. As a way of saying thanks for all of that ACA love, we’re offering a special Referral Program for our January and February cohorts!

How Does It Work?

Austin Coding Academy’s referral process is simple. Current students, graduates, and instructors who want to share the benefits of learning with ACA will be rewarded for growing the community. ACA will be awarding referral bonuses to both current students, grads, and instructors who refer new students, and to referred students who enroll in classes. Both the new student and the referring student, graduate, or instructor will receive $250 for helping build our community. When a referred student submits an application they’ll select either "ACA faculty / staff" or "ACA student / alumni" in the "How did you hear about us?" field. Be sure to mention who you were referred by in your application interview. Once the new student has the full Web 101 course, both the student and the referrer will receive their reward... Easy!

Who Should I Refer?

Know someone else who is committed to improvement? Maybe a friend, family member, or coworker who is looking for a career change or to add a new set of skills to their current job? Don’t be shy, let them know about our program. Austin Coding Academy is here to help people who are looking to improve their lives. We’re proud of how strong our community is, so adding someone who shares our values makes all of us better.

Why Should I Refer Someone?

Referrals help keep the ACA community growing, and it’s always extra rewarding to help someone you care about succeed. By referring someone to ACA, you’re giving that person the opportunity to improve their lives by gaining a valuable and in-demand skill. It’s exciting to see friends and family members work together in our program and strive towards making meaningful changes in their careers, together. Let’s keep that up!

What Are The Rules?

Here are the key things you need to know about how our referral program works:


Have additional questions about the Referral Program? Email with the subject line "Referral Program" with your question, and a member of the Austin Coding Academy team will get back to you with an answer!