Full-stack Web Development

Learn the most popular language for making websites, web apps, games, animations, and mobile applications. In this track you'll learn front-end and back-end JavaScript, some of today's most versatile and sought-after skills.

Our JavaScript Curriculum

Our full track is composed of 5 courses, designed to take you from beginner to job-ready in under a year, without having to quit your day job or mortgage your future. If you're looking to level-up in your current job, you can also apply to take any of these courses individually.

Web 101: Intro to Web Development

  • HTML5 + all new HTML5 APIs
  • CSS3 + Animations and Transitions
  • Version Control Software - Git
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Basics & DOM Manipulation
  • Input Control and Form Submissions

JS 211: JavaScript Language Basics

  • Immersion in Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Build Unit Testing + Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Master Callbacks and Functional Programming
  • Interact with remote APIs and manipulate data

JS 311: Back-End JavaScript

  • Shape your own SQL Database
  • Serve Express.js routes
  • Harness the power of Node.js
  • MVC - Model, View, Controller
  • Deploy your own Node Modules
  • Learn to host, deploy and manage your web applications

JS 411: Javascript Front-End

  • Build mobile apps with React & React Native
  • Maintain app state with Redux
  • Build Production grade Apps with Webpack
  • Handle Client-Side Routing
  • Expand your knowledge of Git
  • Deep-Dive into HTTPS protocol

Job 501: Job Placement Course

  • Technical interview prep
  • White-boarding practice and feedback
  • Portfolio support
  • Resume building
  • Networking opportunities and strategies
  • Job-finding strategies

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