Try before you buy! Free Intro Course to get a feel for coding, the school, and our culture!

How to Apply

Ready to begin this exciting adventure to your new career or just looking to learn more? The first step to take is to begin your application and be accepted into our program! Here is what to expect:

    2. You will then be prompted to schedule an interview with one of our Admissions Advisors to talk about your goals and any questions you have. You will also have an opportunity to conditionally save your spot with a refundable deposit. An Invoice (not a bill) will be sent to your inbox for you to accept on your own terms.
    3. After scheduling your interview or deposit to secure your spot, we will reach out to guide you through the next steps and determine your acceptance based on our student requirements and expectations.
    4. During your Admissions Interview, we will get the chance to answer any questions that you have, go over your goals, and see if you & Coding Academy are a good fit for each other. After the interview concludes, if you haven't already, we will help you sign up for our free prep course which is required before attending the program.
    5. Once you've completed the prep-course you can be accepted and pay your deposit, then you’ll be registered and given access to your textbook. Within it, there is a required pre-work section to complete prior to your first class so you can start classes the right way!

Start Your Application

Get started by filling out our application and setting up a call with our admissions team.