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These 23 successful tech moguls never graduated college

The degree-less tale of tech superstars like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates is folklore by this point, but the Facebook and Microsoft founders aren’t the only two influential executives who have risen to the top without finishing college.


We are committed to providing effective education for our students in a safe environment. Therefore, we will follow all of CDC’s recommendations and begin temporarily conducting our classes in an online format in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

MySpace and the Coding Legacy it Left Behind

For an entire generation, MySpace was a gateway to the addictive social networking platforms that are now a ubiquitous feature of our lives. And for many members of that same generation, MySpace was a gateway to another inescapable part of modern life—writing code.

Seth's Journey

We had the opportunity to sit down with Austin Coding Academy alumnus, Seth, and talk about his coding journey. He is a User Experience Developer at Indeed! He shared some insider tips and tricks for prospective and current students.

Zollege PBC Acquires Austin Coding Academy

Austin, TX – January 2020 – Zollege Public Benefit Corporation has announced the acquisition of Austin Coding Academy, one of the largest coding bootcamps in the state of Texas and a leader in technology education.

Austin Coding Academy Student Highlight: Greg Swan

This month, we caught up with ACA graduate Greg Swan, who accepted a job as a Web Developer at Kinetic Theory in Austin after finishing the JavaScript track. Greg now works as a Web Application Developer with OpenSymmetry. Here's what he had to say about his experience as an Austin Coding Academy student:

4 Ways a Coding Bootcamp is Worth It

Since coding academies have become an increasingly visible part of the tech landscape over the last half-decade, more schools have cropped up with more coders graduating every year. With so much new popularity, it's fair to ask if a coding boot camp is worth it. In fact, we’re going to ask it (and explore it) even more directly

7 Characteristics of a Successful Web Developer

Great code doesn’t always translate into a great hire. While it definitely helps, there is more to being a successful web developer than a mind rich in technical knowledge. Here are seven characteristics common in web developers - other than technical skills - who are successful at their job:

20 Tips for Landing Your First Job in Web Development

While there are many paths to a coding career, those who are successful shared a similar method for landing their first job in web development. As a fledgling techie, you can land your first job by following in the footsteps of coders before you, and use these twenty tips for success in the job market.

Austin Coding Academy Student Highlight: Lillian Situ

Every month we like to feature our outstanding students at Austin Coding Academy. ACA’s student body is as diverse as it is interesting and we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know them a little better. This month we’re putting the spotlight on Lillian Situ. Lillian completed the Full Stack JavaScript program in December 2017 and now she is employed as a Software Engineer at!

The Benefits of an In-Person Coding Bootcamp vs. Online Classes

With the rise of coding bootcamps as a pathway into the world of tech, there are a lot of options to choose from. One of the most important decisions to make is whether you want to attend an in-person class or an online bootcamp. While both options provide their own advantages, here is why you should opt for an in-person experience:

Four Exciting Projects That Will Inspire You to Learn JavaScript Right Now

JavaScript (JS) is the most commonly-used coding language for developers in 2019. JS earned its popularity because it’s easy to learn, dynamically typed, fast to run, and works across most platforms, including all modern web browsers. Let’s look at some impressive projects that might inspire you to start learning JavaScript now:

What to Do When You Want to Change Careers

The thought of changing careers is exciting to many people at one time or another. With your goals and ambitions no longer constrained by your old career path, a career change may open up your potential and let you surprise yourself. But that excitement can vanish if you’re afraid changing careers is too risky or complicated. Here are some strategies that can help you make a transition while minimizing risk.

How to Get a Job as a Web Developer in Austin's Tech Industry

Looking for your first web development job in Austin can seem extremely daunting. This is especially true if you are new to town and don't have a built-in network of friends to help you get you foot in the door at a tech company. Fear not! We’ve rounded up some great resources and to help. Take a look:

5 Signs You Need to Make a Career Change

The average American spends at least 40 hours a week at work for several decades. A career represents too much of your lifespan for it to be something that makes you miserable. While the thought of making such a huge overhaul may be daunting, here are some signs it’s time to take a leap and move into a new career path.

5 Tips to Help You Learn Coding Faster

Mastering a new skill can take years of focus and practice. But what if you want to speed things up a little? When it comes to getting a job as a web developer, you may not want to wait years to get started. Good news: there are some things you can do in your spare time every day that will help you get better in less time. Here are five things to try to learn programming faster.

What are Companies Looking for in a Web Developer's Portfolio?

If you’re just starting out on your path as a developer without much or any experience to show off in your portfolio, the road ahead may seem daunting. So what makes a great developer portfolio? Let’s take a closer look at the important elements that make up a solid developer portfolio that will land you an interview.

4 Keys to Making a Tech Career Switch without Technical Experience

As the Austin tech scene continues to appeal to job seekers and people looking to switch careers, one common concern is: “I work in the service industry and I don’t have any technical job experience. Will anyone even hire me?”. While technical skills are important, there are other ways you can prepare yourself for a career switch.

Why You Should Make Time to Learn to Code

Web Developers across the United States make an average of $67,990 annually. This increasingly popular career path currently has over 162,000 jobs ranging from entry to senior level. Find out how you can fit learning to code into your day:

What Will You Make as a Full-Time Web Developer?

Let’s look at how much money you can expect to earn working as a web developer and how experience, education, location, and coding specialty can all impact your salary. Knowing what your skill is worth will help you negotiate better pay as you advance through your career.

Austin Coding Academy Partners with Lyft Drivers

Austin Coding Academy is partnering with Lyft, one of Austin’s most popular ride-sharing apps, in an effort to make its classes more accessible to the same drivers who make our city more accessible to all.

How to Stop Multi-Tasking and Develop Focus

In an age of constant digital distractions, focus may seem like a foreign concept. But focus is crucial for web developers; unfortunately, once you lose it, getting it back is a challenge. Most of us can’t afford to lose time when work deadlines are approaching, so here are some actionable tips to help develop focus and get more done at work.

Coming in 2019: Lubbock Coding Academy!

Austin Coding Academy is excited to announce the formation of Lubbock Coding Academy in partnership with Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA), South Plains College, and Texas Tech University. Read more:

Q&A with New Job Placement Course Director, Edsel Rivera

Austin Coding Academy recently added a 4-week job placement course, covering everything from resume-building, to getting interviewing. We talked to Edsel Rivera director of the course and Technical Recruiter at Dosh about why teaching more than just coding is important.

Highlight: Six Austin Coding Academy Graduates Land Jobs

It's a great time for job placement at Austin Coding Academy! Here are six of our graduates who have landed or have already started in full-time developer roles in recent months! We couldn't be more proud of the hard work that they've put in to get to this point. Check them out:

What's the Difference Between JavaScript and C#?

At Austin Coding Academy, we currently offer two separate tracks for our students: JavaScript and C# .NET. We believe that there isn’t one “best” option; the right choice for each student has everything to do with their personal goals and interests.

Unlimited Tutoring for Austin Coding Academy Students

At Austin Coding Academy, we take pride in providing our students an unmatched level of support and community. One element of student support that we're most proud of having available in 2019 is unlimited tutoring for all ACA students.