Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty soon, we’ll have a “Hire a Grad” page with profile links to our graduates, but for now the best way to get in touch is to fill out our Contact Form - we try to respond as quickly as possible!
Right now, our classes are in-person only. If you have special circumstances, we may be able to admit you into our classes remotely.
All of our graduates share these core qualities:
  • A desire to improve their life
  • Exhibit “growth mindset”
  • Willing to take a risk
  • 15 hrs to commit to the class and coursework each week
  • Availability to attend classes
If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to apply now!
First, you’ll fill out a short application and schedule a call with us. If you’re accepted, you’ll complete a quick admissions assignment, enroll and get started on your selected start date!
Yes, just let us know.
You may see our upcoming start dates on our track's pages.
We’ve got two locations - one in downtown Austin at Capital Factory and one in Central Austin at Highlan.
Yes, we have an agreement with a local parking garage to allow parking for $5/night. Additionally, street parking is available.
All of our classes are taught by professional developers currently employed in the field. They code by day and teach by night. This ensures our curriculum and instruction is up-to-date and aligned with current industry norms. We’ll soon have an instructor page with all of our instructors listed, but for now, visit our homepage to see a few.

Tuition Questions

Each 8-week class is $2,990, and each track consists of 4 classes.
We encourage you to check with your current employer to see if they’d be willing to assist with the costs. Also, we partner with a reputable organization for financing.
Make sure you’re signed up for our blog and are subscribed to our newsletter to learn about these opportunities as they arise. Also note that if you’re a driver for Lyft, we offer tuition discounts - click here to learn more.
We do not offer financial aid.
We accept credit cards and checks.
Yes, absolutely. If you’re a novice, you’d have to take Web 101 first. If you’re already a developer, it’s possible you could test out of Web 101 and start in a more advanced class. You’ll go through the same application process either way and we’ll get all the details we need to get you in the right class during our interview call, so don’t hesitate - apply now!
If you apply and register for the Full Track, you’ll take each course consecutively. If you’re already a developer interested in individual courses, it’s possible you could test into specific classes. Either way, you’ll need to go through the application process and we’ll get all the details we need to get you into the right class during our interview call so we encourage you to go ahead and apply now.
Students must have a laptop and a desire to change their life.
A computer purchased in the last 5 or 6 years will work.

Job-Related Questions

It usually takes our graduates between 3 and 6 months after graduation to secure a full-time job.
Yes, we teach technologies currently used by tech companies. Our instructors are full-time developers and make you job-ready. Out Job Placement class will teach you how to land interviews and succeed in getting job offers.
Our Director of Job Placement will be there every step of the way.
Yes, we have your back and will help you find a job!
85% of our graduates in 2018 found jobs prior to December 1st, 2018. (In our JavaScript program per Annual Reporting)
Yes, the technologies we teach are valued in software companies all over the world.
Together, we will attend networking opportunities with potential employers.

Course Questions

Our classes are between 10 and 20 students. You will have access to a professional developer. All of our classes come with unlimited tutoring.
JavaScript is the most-used web development language in the world. JavaScript adds interactive functionality to web pages. Learning JavaScript will prepare you for a career as a web developer.
Full-stack development means both front-end and back-end. The front end is what people see, and the back end stores and uses the data.
C#, pronounced “C Sharp”, is a very popular programming language developed in 2000 by Microsoft. It is used to build web applications, computer programs, and video games. The .NET Framework, pronounced “Dot Net”, is a framework developed and maintained by Microsoft. It used to build web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and even alternative operating systems.
In the JavaScript track, you will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, React, Node, Express, and MongoDB. In the C# .NET track, you will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, C#, .NET Framework, and SQL. Do a job search for open positions at a company you love to determine which track you should choose.
In both tracks, you will study the fundamentals of computer programming and web development. The C# .NET track has a great emphasis on object-oriented programming while the JavaScript track focuses on newer technologies such as React and Node.
You will build full-stack applications hosted online for potential employers to see. Your projects are integral to securing employment.
Yes, please bring in your creative ideas. Your personal projects will help you land your first coding job.
We highly encourage you to attend every class, work alongside your classmates whenever possible (you’ll have access to both of our locations) and take advantage of unlimited tutoring, which is included in your tuition!
Students may miss no more than 2 classes per 8-week class. Classes are recorded, and students are expected to watch class recordings and makeup missing work.

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